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When releasing music for free or as open source music, such ones that are licensed under Creative Commons, registering the copyright of your music can be off-putting to alot of artists because of the costs.

There is also this misconception that music licensed under Creative Commons cannot be copyright registered.

This is where came in. They are a copyright register that has tools for CC musicians to register and protect their works. And, it is FREE for Creative Commons works to be registered with them.

There are limits though which are currently set at 10 works per month, maximum 240 registrations, 500mb storage space and the registrations are archived for a year.

But, the website let’s you indicate which license the track is under during registration which is something that most copyright registration websites don’t do.

Also, if someone plagiarizes your music there is a cease & desist tool. This may cost you though.

Go check them out if you want to register your works:

Disclosure: This IS NOT a sponsored post. I’ve made this post as a response to the plagiarism of CC licensed material that has been happening lately so that artist know that there is something they can do to protect their works. I hope this helps you.